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Inconvenient Truths


Before I dive into this topic, just a quick update.  I’m super busy with work and college right now, so my updates here and on Twitter will continue to be a wee sparse.  Expect to see few videos from me on YouTube, if any, for a while!

You know, it never ceases to amaze me just how hard people will work to ignore inconvenient truths.    Inconvenient truths are those things you suspect or know, but do everything you can not to think on them because they would cause you great inconvenience.  

incontrFor example, I used to work at Taco Bell.  While doing so, I saw a few questionable practices at the time.  After I left, I would occasionally ask my friends if they wanted to hear my Taco Bell horror stories.  One of the immediately retorted “No!  I love Taco Bell food, and I don’t want that ruined.”

I have had similar reactions in sharing what I have learned about the Gospel or sugar.  A parent I spoke with, who already felt overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to take care of children already, cut me off rather quickly when I brought up the subject of sugar.

Some people push away the truth because they hold on too dearly to those things they love instead, even if those things will ultimately undo them.  Others walk away from truth because they already feel overwhelmed by the sheer amounts of information thrown at them.  I can relate to both points.

However, I would encourage both groups of people to reconsider.

Our forefathers and early scholars, would work tirelessly in search of the truth.  Of course, in pre-modern times, they faced of the challenge of lack of information, rather than sorting through too much.  To find truth, they had to go great distances, often doing their own experiments or making a great journey for one bit of information.  Our searches can take nearly as much effort, as we sort through pages and pages of information on the internet, seeking the truth.

But, the truth is worth it.  As our forefathers proved, truth always comes at a cost.


You see this with the Gospel.  Jesus calls us to repent, or turn from our sins, and follow Him.  He goes further, asking us to ‘carry our cross,’ and reminding us that we must love Him more than our own family to be worthy of Him.  Following Jesus certainly requires some sacrifices on our part… maybe even our life.  Oftentimes, I see churches glaze over this.  They emphasize that Jesus waits to forgive sin, and even cure sickness, deal with debt, etc.  While God may do that in whom He desires, that is very far from the Gospel message.  While salvation itself is a free gift, following Jesus requires that we are willing to turn from our sins and follow Him first and foremost.  Even if we do not understand how we can do that (e.g. because of addiction or whatnot), we must be willing.

And, ultimately, many people are not.  Complaining is much easier than picking up a cross.

dogporThis reminds me of a story I read here.  It goes like this…

There was a young man walking down the street and happened to see a old man sitting on his porch. Next to the old man was his dog, who was whining and whimpering. The young man asked the old man “What’s wrong with your dog” The old man said “He’s laying on a nail”. The young man asked “Laying on a nail?, Well why doesn’t he get up?” The old man then replied “It’s not hurting bad enough.”

Going back to the problem of sugar… I hear SO many people complain about their weight, or any number of physical issues tied to their diet.  Yet, when I attempt to share with them the videos or scientific studies on the toxicity of sugar tied in with these issues, they quickly move on.  People want easy fix solutions, not solutions with a real cost in time, convenience, or something they are addicted to.

It saddens me that even the reality of early sickness, disease or spiritual death is not enough of a concern for them to consider working for the truth.

What about you?  What are YOU willing to do to find out the truth?

And, just because I’m such a gamer, I just HAVE to include this video at the end 🙂



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