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Unfortunately, my paying job continues to plague me with additional responsibilities sucking up massive swaths of my time.  This, of course, makes it hard to get a lot of creative, personal accomplishments knocked out…like blogging!  Nevertheless, I wanted to take a few moments today to share a few questions and thoughts dancing around in my noggin.  On Twitter, I wrote… I find it very interesting that the government is willing to spend millions to combat the Zika virus, due to worries that it may cause deformity of unborn children…but also spends millions to fund abortion, which causes instant death of the same. ‪#‎foodforthought‬ ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬ ‪#‎prayer‬ .  What are YOUR thoughts on this?

clinOn FB, someone posted a video about a son who is having a relationship with his mother.  I saw a number of people sharing this video, remarking how ‘wrong’ it is. In the video, the son defended the unconventional coupling by drawing a parallel between their relationships, and gay marriage. Interestingly enough, 20 years ago the majority of the country, including Hilary Clinton, thought gay marriage was wrong. Now they would vote for it. What about mother and son in a relationship? If you think it’s wrong, let me ask you, on what basis do you determine that? The law? Your own opinion? Or do you appeal to a higher power? Does it change in 20 years? Where does it stop? What about polygamy? Relationships with teens? Does morality change like the wind?

Finally, I share with you this picture/story from the internet.

Please share your thoughts on these topics below, if you feel so inclined 🙂


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