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2018 Resolutions

Heeeeyyy…it’s that time of year again!  I truly believe in goal setting.  “My people parish for lack of a vision.”  If you do not plan, do not be surprised you got nowhere!  With that in mind, here are MY goals for 2018!  Remind me to actually blog how far I got with these goals at the end of the year.   Let’s do this.

I list these in no particular order.


Lose more weight with a goal of 175 lbs.

You know, I cannot remember the last time I weight 175 or less. If someone held a gun to my head, I would say it might have been a decade ago.  If you have followed my food blog,  you already know that I have shed roughly a dozen or so pounds since early 2016, when we gave up added sugars.  Intermittent fasting helped with further losses towards the end of this year.  With those tools, I hope to lose even more.

Knock out six college courses

I’m working with an online college…and I still have a number of classes left.  The college I attend allows me to set my own pace.  With my very demanding, stressful job, I can easily lose sight of needing to keep up progress here.  Recently, I developed this new method of studying that makes better use of my time.  Yes, for me, it is ALL about time management.  Along those lines, I keep my notes on OneNote.  It’s a great app which allows you to take notes, say on your computer, and pull them up on any device.  Great for reviewing on the go!  You can share them others as well.


yogaYoga Every 2 out of 3 days

So, funny story here.  I’m a middle aged, southern nerdy guy who would never go to yoga no matter how often my modern wife asked me to join her in classes.  She went often to these classes and she also bought a bunch of videos that she would do in our bedroom.  So, for her birthday early last year, I remade the guest room into a yoga fitness room. Since I sunk so much money into it, I felt I could, at the very least, give it a shot.  After all, no one could see me make a fool of myself in the privacy the room offered.  Now, I am a huge fan.  I have suffered for years from pain related to back injury.  (Somewhat) regular yoga has all but completely eliminated that issue.  I feel more energetic, flexible and, dare I say, younger!  It amazes me that I feel this much better despite not practicing many of the days I should have last year.  So, I cannot wait to see the results if I actually steeped up my efforts to 2 out of every 3 days.  I also cannot encourage my friends enough … between this and giving up added sugar, I feel like a million bucks in my forties.  It’s awesome.

Read More – Bible included!

I need to “read” more books, including the Bible.  It has been a while since I have done a complete read through.  When I was younger, I read the Bible several times over.  I want to read more Christian books, biographies and fiction, as well.  Now, that would normally be super hard given my job and other hobbies.  However, I have become a big fan of Audible books… so that makes it a lot easier as I have long drives.  I have also mastered the fine art of listening to books while I do chores, play more grindy games, etc.  That brings me to my next point….


Really tear into Monster Hunter

Those who know me know that I have commitment issues, at least, when it comes to my games.  I struggle to stick with games to the end, as I suffer from the gamers’ version of ADHD.  Last year, Horizon Zero Dawn caught my attention.  Once I started playing, I found it nigh impossible to put down… all the way to the end.  It proved to me that I could still complete a game (somewhat) quickly when it brings excellence to the table.  Monster Hunter World promises deeper combat with more variety than HZD, and high production values.  Having recently played the 3DS iteration for three dozen hours, I look forward to the much improved visuals and exciting gameplay.  HZD presents a tougher challenge for me as it tends to be more of a grindfest.  However, it does encourage participation with other players (though, not required).  I usually fair terribly with multiplayer games, like MMOs, as I can never keep up with friends.  Not to mention, I find those games shallow and boring for the most part.  MHW addresses all of those concerns head on and may just be that mmo-lite compromise that keeps me hooked for the long haul.  I’m dedicated to giving it a full college try, as I have changed my Twitter and Facebook themes to reflect my new gaming passion for 2018.

I could go on, but I do not want to get too crazy here.  What are YOUR goals for next year?  Let me know in the comments below.






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