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The Thrill of the Hunt

Monster Hunter World hit the shelves a few weeks ago, and many of my friends and I still play it non-stop.  This fact alone speaks volumes as some of these guys can easily sink 80+ hours in a single week.  Yet, sometimes a story paints a better illustration of just how exciting this game is.  I humbly submit a page from my gaming journal derived from our adventures the night before.  Note that I have changed names to protect privacy and all that.

Rusty and I stood on top of a ledge and looked down at Nergigante, a massive wyrm capable of separating an adventurer’s head clean off his shoulders with a solid hit from his massive, spiked claws.  We like to call him Nergy.

You ready, chief?” I asked.

“Sure thing,” Rusty answered.  “You?”

“Yup.  I got a drink.  Let me just have my palico buff us, and we’re good to go.”


Elder’s Recess, where Nergy hangs out, is anything but inviting.

I prepared well for this moment.  I maximized my armor earlier, and upgraded my weapon to the point it cackled with electricity (Nergy’s weakness).  I brought plenty of the best healing and buffing potions, which I created earlier from flora I discovered.  With a command, my feline companion, Boo, tapped out a rhythmic melody on a drum, giving Rusty and I added protection.  As he did, I gulped down several of my potions.

“Let’s do this.”

With my glaive, I pole-vaulted forward, over the cliff, launching myself in the air.  Once I landed, I sent our my insect right at the Nergy’s face.  Not only did that grab his attention, but, more importantly, grabbed me a red insect buff which practically doubles my offensive capabilities.  

Nergy was in fine form, filled with rage and ready to kill.  White spikes covered his body for the most part, and new ones were growing in other areas.  Rumors held that the more full the fast growning spikes on his body reached, the more powerful his attacks became.  As the aerial combatant in our tiny troupe, I made it my assignment to keep those things trimmed by whacking them off with the pointy ends of my weapon.

During one of those dances in the air, I landed squarely in between Nergy’s shoulders.  This, of course, ticked him off something fierce.  As he tried to shake me off, I danced up and down his back, knocking off more of those white spikes, as well as giving him one heck of an itchy back.  After a few moments of it, Nergy fell over, and my friend was right there waiting with his massive gun.  A not-so-subtle smile came across his face.  “Eat this!” he said as he let a massive charged shot loose right in Nergy’s face, ripping one of its horns clean off.  Nergy jumped up, roared, and retreated.

“That went well,” I concluded.

“Yeah, but the fun has just started,” retorted Rusty.

After restocking Rusty’s ammo and my potions, we tracked down Nergy and started the battle anew.  Filled with more rage than ever before, Nergy leapt at us, and our palicos, as a cat would pounce upon a mouse.  He hit so fast and hard, he managed to knock out Rusty in one hit.


Nergy is cranky

I knew Rusty would be back soon… he just fainted.  “It’s going to be OK,” I though calmly as I braced for nergy’s attack.  “We can feint three times before we the guild considers a hunt as a failure.

His return, however, could take a few minutes.  In the mean time, I had to face Nergy, alone.

With no one left to divert his attention, aside from my own feline assistant, I had to redouble my efforts to not allow him a solid hit.  While I upgraded my armor higher than Rusty, it was far from a life insurance policy.  I did have one defensive ace in the hole, however.  I quickly equipped my vitality cloak, which provided a limited shield over my health for a minute.  It would absorb a solid hit or three if I missed a key dodge.  It worked.  While Rusty ran back, I managed to avoid a similar fate, and even got a few hits in.  

A few moments later, I heard Rusty yell behind me.  “Heads up!  I’m going to put this pain in the ass to sleep,” Rusty said.  True to his word, a few well placed shots with sleep ammo fell the beast. 

Rusty and I laughed as the dragon fell.  “Alrighty, put down the party kegs,” I said.

We each put down two mega large blast barrels.  Do not ask how, but we could each carry two of these things which appear to weigh 500 lbs easily.  

“I’ll set them off,” Rusty said.

Rusty did so with another high powered charged shot.  It was massive, combining the single highest damaging move with four of these barrels paid off in huge dividends as Nergy got the biggest wake up call of his life.  He roared and went off limping to his lair.

“That was awesome, Rusty!” I exclaimed.  “I think we got him cornered now.  Let’s go back to camp real quick and stock up.”

We did.  Then we ran back, where Nergy rested.  We set up 4 more barrels and gave him another wake up call.  Desperate now, Nergy held nothing back, leaping at us with incredible speed.  Several times I came very close to kicking the bucket, but managed to escape and heal each time.  He chose his lair well as even the environment struck out at us.  As the fight continued, stalactites fell upon us.  A few minutes in, I saw Nergy knock Rusty out a second time.

More swearing.  One more KO, and we would forced back to town, in shame, empty handed, unable to accomplish our mission.

“Just get back here!” I swore between gritted teeth as I quickly dodged Nergy’s sudden attacking leap in my direction.

Of course, that put me back into the position of having to face Nergy alone, head to head.  Nergy had us down to our last KO, but I could see from his broken horns and bruised body that he had to be close to throwing in the towel, himself.  We charged at each other, nailing only glancing blows.  On the second charge, I used an overhand smash maneuver… if it connected, it could crack most skulls in two.  However, it posed more risk as it put me right at the monster’s feet/claws upon landing.  The gamble paid off!  Just a few moments after Nergy handed us our second knock out, I landed the killing blow!


Nergy down! I repeat, Nergy is DOWN!

“Hellll yeah!” I yelled, as Rusty returned from his quick trip.

“What the… what did you DO?,” Rusty joked.  since he was just carted back to our camp, he had no idea exactly how I ended the battle.

“It was what we did,” I laughed.  “We wore him down so much, that when he knocked you out… well, by that point he was already on death’s door.  He was an injured animal that I gave a little push to.  It’s not like I have a really flashy, massive shot like you do.  Great job, hunter.  That’s how you take care of business!”

After a few more times patting each other on the back, we wrapped up and headed to bed.  As I drifted to sleep, I replayed that battle again in my head, reliving and relishing how we took down the elder dragon that hunts other dragons.


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