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Before I get too far in this article, allow me to say… I normally do not engage much in political discussion, especially here on the internet.  And, I’m not really starting now.  At least, it is not my intent.  So, before you leave a comment, please make sure you read this entire article.

One would have to live disconnected from all media to avoid the news and fallout from the tragic school shooting which took place in Florida.  It reignited the debate about gun control, with many students protesting all over the state, and in the capital.  A friend sent me a link to a video addressing the topic.  The rest of my article will make a lot more sense if you watch it.  It runs under five minutes.


I do not know the speaker, or what faith he holds onto, but he makes a number of points that skirt into spiritual territory, and I want to address those here.

2m48s “We fooled ourselves into thinking that we are so progressive and civilized that we have somehow transcended the reach of evil.”  Who does not long for a world where we, as a race, have stopped the bickering, selfishness, jealousy, etc., and lived in harmony with one another in love?  We have this desire built into us.  And he’s right.  Somehow, we believe that we have reached this in America to a degree, despite clear acts like this proving we have not.

This reminds me of Star Trek.  For those not familiar, the show makes the argument that in the future, humans will work out their differences and come together to abolish the evils of the world, including war, sickness and hunger.  This philosophy, known as humanism sounds awesome on paper.  Yet, history demonstrates over and over again that we will never get there as we lack the moral manpower on our own to overcome even our basic selfishness.

4m11s “And while we are at it, let’s also focus on why we’re raising cold blooded killers because we’ve always had guns, but the kids in the past weren’t shooting up schools like this.”  Mr. Noir ends his video on this note, and it is here I want to focus.

You see, in my humble opinion, the real problem is this.  Even if we could find a way to magically make weapons disappear, evil people would find ways to murder.  Cain killed Able way before we had guns.  And while I believe we should discuss what kind of guns we should restrict from sale, we miss the main problem by spending so much time and resources in doing so.

In 1962, we eliminated prayer from schools.  We sent a strong signal to our children that we known longer needed God in our lives.  As a country, we ‘advanced’ past these ‘superstitions,’ and were moving forward as a race.  In other words, we moved faith from God to faith in ourselves (humanism).  Note, that this is the real problem.  Elimination of prayer from schools was simply a natural result.

And, Mr. Noir is right.  As we search our hearts for answers on these acts of darkness, we really need to ask ourselves “Why?”  Why are we shocked by news like this when we no longer has any solid, moral fiber running through this country?  We made it legal for a mother to kill her helpless, unborn child, yet act shocked when one our our children kill others!  And, most importantly, when will we wake up and realize that we need Jesus?

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