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We Need Jesus


Recently, I watch a YouTube video where one person interviewed the other about his emotional well state.  This gentleman battled depression and a number of related issues his entire life.  Through this half hour video, I shook my head.  This guy had so many questions but so few answers.  His friend offered a few suggestions, but none offered true solutions.  I knew the answer.

As a child, I had numerous problems.   I was overweight, a nerd (which, back then, ensured others looked down on you), walked funny, and carried myself the wrong way.  On a good day, I got picked on.  On a bad day, I ended up in a fight of some sort.  I could not imagine why I existed, and felt depressed quite a bit.

Discord picHowever, almost in answer to my unspoken question, God showed me the Bible.  In those pages, I read about a man named Jesus.  This man lived a perfect life.  He taught about love, but also spoke about the need for justice and holiness.  He warned about Hell while offering a glimpse of heaven.  Ultimately, He was sent to a cross to die, taking upon Himself, the penalty of sin for those who believe.

As a result, I became a follower of Christ, and I have not looked back.  And while the challenges to my heart and soul have changed over 25 years, they certainly have not eased up.  I still face dark questions about life, and myself.  I know it would be easy to fall into the pit of depression that I see this YouTube personality struggle so hard with.  In fact, I could name off several close relatives who have done so already.

But, Jesus will not allow me to fall like that.  Make no mistake, I have struggle with dark, depressing thoughts.  I still do.  However, each time I do, God shows me a new way to work through it so I can continue to fight the good fight, so to speak.

I often hear the phrase, “I have to learn to love myself” when people discuss this subject.  Ironically, the Bible says just the opposite.  The self loathing we feel may be, at least to some degree, the Holy Spirit working on our hearts.  We have all sinned, and as a result, stand condemned.  Without intervention, we deserve to be called criminals and serve a terrible sentence.  In and of ourselves,  we do no good.

However, when we repent of our sin and place our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, He washes away our sins.  He cleans our record and makes us ‘as white as snow’ to our Father in Heaven.  We become born again, and our life has a new value.  We are no longer criminals, but sons and daughters of the King.

If you struggle with darkness, consider the light.  Read the book of John from your Bible (or online). and prayerfully consider your sin and what Jesus has  done for you.  If you have thrown yourself to the cross, accepted Him and become born again, welcome to the family of God!



Comments on: "We Need Jesus" (2)

  1. Self-loathing as the Holy Spirit working in our heart . . . what an interesting concept. I’ve never thought of it that way.

    I suppose this, then, becomes destructive when we don’t know what to do with this, often because we are prideful and hard of heart.

    Very interesting premise JC.

  2. Indeed. The Bible points out that Holy Spirit convicts us of sin (John 16.8) “When [the Spirit] comes, he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment.” It is my opinion that in God’s design on things, this is mean to drive us to the cross and help us see our need for Him. As you succinctly point out, our pride gets in the way, and the guilt turns into a form of long term depression, self loathing, etc. Next thing you know, your friends are recommending medication, counselor help, etc. They will claim you need to learn to love yourself!

    Hogwash, I say! 🙂 We need Jesus. We do not need to learn to love ourselves. That’s selfishness and it is a huge part of our problem as human beings. We need to learn to give ourselves away to Jesus. We need to throw ourselves at the cross. As new, born again creatures, our desire to please ourselves will lessen. This does not lead to self loathing, depression and destruction! Instead, it is a road that leads to faith, selfless sacrifice, and holiness.

    Thank you for writing a comment! I love it!

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