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I have made some good progress with both writing and drawing this week.  I would have loved to accomplished more, but my job has really piled on the work, lately. I also have a bit of a personal request in this week’s blog entry.

snowflakeThis week, I started working on re-writing Wildlight’s origin story using the ‘snowflake method.’  For those who do not know, this method has you work on both your plot and your characters interchangeably, diving into more detail with each step.  If you find yourself intrigued with the brief overview provided by the website, I encourage you to spend $5 on the Kindle version of of the book over at Amazon.

So far, I have my one line summary (step 1) which reads, “A young woman fights to save her own life against a corporate leader and the darkness within her own heart.”  I feel that this grab line falls short of what I ultimately want, but it works for now.  Step 2 has you expend that to a paragraph.  I wrote…

Tammy faces the problems most teenagers do, including anger management issues, when an old woman injects her body with a cybernetic armor stealth and fighting system. Maximilian, head of Cam Industries, orders his men to track her down and kidnap her so that he can remove the suit intact. Tammy escapes, takes stock and plans to give the suit back, when she discovers that Max has plans to kill a key world leader. She confronts him, and he persuasively argues why they must take actions such as this causing her to struggle with her emotions and inner demons. When God reveals the truth of her past to her, it opens her mind up to what her future must hold, and Tammy rushes to face off against Max before it is too late!

For my next step, I will write basic information about each character.  Hopefully, I will get to work on that more in the near future.  Alas, October means a TON of work from my paying job, so I fear this will have to take a back seat for a few weeks.  We shall see.

wildlight_outfit_e___cloak_by_jcservant-dcozpthOn the drawing side, I created a template of the main character from which I can create multiple designs.  If you head over to my DeviantArt site, you can see I currently have four or more variations up for you to review!  With the template, it normally takes me less than an hour to create the design once I have it in mind.

In other news, I find myself pondering the possibility of resetting this blog and starting it from scratch.  I have a ton of content now (300+ posts) and it may intimidate new readers.  It also lacks decent organization in places, and some posts need editing or deleting altogether.  I would like take it all down, and then repost one article at a time.  If I do so, a few questions certainly spring up.  Should I focus only on one or two subjects instead of the four or five I have here now?  (i.e. theology, video games, writing, etc).  Should I combine some of the shorter posts into longer ones where it makes sense?  If you have thoughts on the subject, please write them below.

Regardless, if you read these, thank you.  I generally just write to practice and help organize my thoughts.  I share some of these on the internet with the small hope that they may bless someone and draw them closer to God.

By His Grace,



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