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Admittedly, I did not get much writing done this week.  I doubt I can get much done for the rest of the month due to immense amount of work on my desk.  However, that will not stop me from trying!  In the mean time, I wanted to share some more outfit designs that I did complete, plus a tool I use for writing.

wildlight_outfit_c_future_by_jcservant-dcpakixAs I likely mentioned earlier, October at my paying job is known as a very dark month.  The adjective I use to describe the month has little to do with Halloween, witches or magic.  During October, us accountant-types have to throw ourselves into creating, tweaking and discussing budgets.  One top of this, our company deploys a new software system this month, requiring all kinds of training and follow up meetings to review how our lives will fundamentally change after the big day.  Exciting.

This leaves precious little time for hobbies at the moment, though I did finish off a few designs.  The first one you will see here in inspired by a Fantastic Four character.  The second one is inspired by old school Dazzler (X-Men) .  One thing I noticed is that good superheroine outfit designs are hard to come up with, and just as difficult to find.  I feel many of them range from mediocre to good, with few truly jumping out at me as a memorable look.

As for my approach here, I simply use the same character template for each design, and then I draw the outfit lines on top of it.  Finally, I add color and background.  For these pictures, I kept the background to a minimum with no shadowing, as I want to keep our focus on the design.  If you head over to my DeviantArt gallery, you can view all six designs I currently have side by side.  I believe I may do one or two more.


On the writing side, I have started work on character details.  As I mentioned last week, numerous approaches exists to help writers write a story.  I noted that many new authors (myself past self included) try the ‘shotgun’ approach.  They basically sit down and just write out the story, usually from page one.  This sounds great in principle and some well known authors do use it.  However, I find that many times, such efforts usually fall apart, at least for me.  I would find myself caught in a corner in regards to my plot half way through the story.  Or, I would mess up on character details such as last name or eye color.

So, I definitely lean towards planning things out ahead of time.  To help with that, I use a program called Scrivener.  Scrivener allows the writer to organize his or her thoughts easily in whatever way they want. As you can see from the screenshot below, I have folders for characters, setting details and later I will add in story and plot details. one could certainly do with with multiple Word documents saved in neat folders, but Scrivener makes it much easier to flip back and forth between these notes, see them at a glance (summaries) and link them back and forth if desired.  I really enjoy using this program to organize all of my thoughts and story details, and I highly recommend it.  A free alternative that I know a few people use, OneNote, allows you to organize your thoughts in a similar way.  And, as an added benefit, you can access your OneNote file anywhere.  With that said, I feel Scrivener beats OneNote in terms of speed and in just how comprehensive of a tool it is for writers.

Hopefully I can share one of those character dossiers next week.  We’ll see!  Until then, stay creative!






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