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Check The Claims


We live in a world where skeptics question and attack God’s Word ceaselessly. I have numerous friends who state they do not believe the Bible, primarily due to ‘all of the errors’, ‘contradictions’ or ‘heinous acts’ in it. Ironically, when I ask them about their concerns, most struggle to even explain in detail the challenges they find in God’s Word. At best, they simply parrot sound bytes they heard or read off of the internet. Yet, many of those challenges were debunked or answered many moons ago.  And many more are completely without substance.  Today, I go over just a couple of categories of claims.


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Outright Lies

I found this tweet recently. At first glance, it seems to support the idea that the Bible asks us to do some questionable things. On one hand, “God hates divorce.” However, here we have a passage telling us that if a wife does not follow a husband’s every command, This LOOKS Biblical.  However, when we dig deeper, we find that this is not in the Bible most of us know.  Rather, it is a section of the book of Sirach, which some Catholic and Orthodox groups include as part of their Bibles, but was rejected by most protestant denominations.  (Find out more at )

Remember, looks can be deceiving. Just because something appears to come from the Bible, does not mean that it does.

Inspired Evil Groups and Deeds


I always find it interesting when people post stuff like this as if this somehow proves that the Bible pushes a dark agenda. From the very beginning, the Bible makes it crystal clear that Satan twists God’s Word for his own ends. Satan, in the form of a serpent, convinces Eve to eat the apple of knowledge, against God’s law, by using God’s Word out of context! When Satan tempted Jesus, he did so using Biblical passages. Jesus answered Him by using God’s Word as it was intended. So, why would we even act surprised when nefarious people and groups, such as the KKK, claim to follow the Bible or use passages from it to support their wicked deeds? This does not disprove God’s Word in the slightest. Fallen man will always look for ways to twist God’s Word to His ends.  That leads me to another point.

“Churches” and Christians do bad things


Where do I start with this? I see so many arguments that fall under this category. First, we must understand that church, as defined by the Bible, is the body of believers in a local area. The Church is not a corporate company, sponsorship, or building. It also is not a group of mixed Christians and non-believers who get together to create a non-profit organization. So many of these ‘heinous church acts’ do not even come from the true, Biblical church.

Next, the Bible makes it clear from beginning to end that the ‘saints’ are fallen people. King David had Bathsheba’s husband killed for lustful reasons. Peter denied Christ on multiple occasions. Before his conversion, Paul had many Jews killed. So, showing the internet world how ‘Christian’ churches, pastors, etc do bad things only supports the Bible’s assertions that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Even after the spirit gives us a new heart in conversion, Paul says that we still sin. Anyone who claims otherwise, lies.

Biblical Contradictions

BibleGoogle for this term and you will find countless results. Search for it on youtube and you can watch hours and hours of speakers pointing out hundreds of ‘contradictions’ within God’s Word. I find it interesting that these are often presented as if they reveal some shocking, new truth that we have never heard of before. Yet, men have raised concerns and challenges of God’s Word for millennia. There is nothing new under the sun. And for just as long, Christian scholars has debunked these concerns. Most of them are poorly phrased or outright lies (in other words, not true contradictions). Others require studying more about the context involved.

For example, I tell my friends that my wife and I have a great relationship. Yet, if they heard me yell to her, “I’m going to kill you!,” they may question my consistency. However, if they look at the context, they will find that we were playing a head to head video game, having a great time. Context is everything, and when studying a document that goes back thousands of year, we have to understand all of the context to get the full story before declaring the existence of contradiction.

For those who really want to truth on such matters, countless volumes of books and internet articles address these concerns head-on, written by those who have studied such topics by God’s Grace.


Examples like those above make great sound bytes to those who hate God, and provide easy, lazy reasons for those on the fence to shrug their shoulders and walk away. Yet, these arguments, often worded poorly and with little true thought, pose no new challenges for the Christian community. For every question or concern out there, good  answers can be found. As Jesus said, “Seek and you will find.” Yet many will simply take these augments at face value because it allows them to ignore God and to live their life their own way. Ultimately, the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart.

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