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My Concern for “Christians”

Many of my friends say “I am a Christian and I’m going to heaven.”  I ask, “How do you know?”  The answer is usually something along the lines that they said a prayer, somewhere, with sincerity, asking God into their heart.  The reality is that many Americans believe something similar, and yet we all recognize that very few people live the Christian life.

The Bible does not state that if one says a prayer, with sincerity, they become saved.  The Bible says that we must have faith in Jesus, repent and become born again. (more…)

How dare God?

Salutations.  I recently heard a few lines from an atheist that struck a chord with me.  Unfortunately, I did not write it down.  I hope I represent it well with the follow paraphrase, “I could never believe or love a God that only allows only one way to come to Him.  So, you’re telling me that if you do not believe in Jesus, you go to hell?  That is not something I can accept.”  I have a number of thoughts to share on this popular line of thinking. (more…)

Religious Pluralism

First, I have a number of friends and family who lack a true conviction in any one religion.  They basically do their own thing.  It is not surprising.  The overall attitude in America is one of “Pluralism.”  A web site states, “Religious Pluralism may be defined as acceptance of the concept that two or more religions with mutually exclusive truth claims are equally valid. This may be considered a form of either toleration (a concept that arose as a result of the European wars of religion) or moral relativism.” (more…)

Why Trust the Bible

Salutations.  I was recently asked, “How do you know that this (the Bible) is divinely inspired text from the creator of the universe?”  Like with many things in life, we have a ton of evidence here to support the claim, but if you want 100%  proof, you will not find it.  You also cannot find camera footage that Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel.  However, we have many documents pointing to that fact and his style in the art work remains to this day. Because of this strong evidence, we believe he painted it. We can use that approach with God and the Bible.  With that said, here are a few reasons why we can believe that the Bible is directly inspired and given to us by God. (more…)

A Question about Truth

Reluctant Pessimist asked on Twitter, “So how does one determine what the “truth” about God actually is? And if the answer is the Bible, then the follow up question is how did you determine the Bible is true? There must be a believer out there willing to share their position on this.”  (more…)

When To Speak

Growing up in America, I heard two different persepctives on the subject of when to share the Gospel.  On one side, I had churches that taught that we needed to spend time and integrate with the culture.  We should join clubs and activities that suit our God given tastes, and shine His Light in those circles.  After doing earning their trust, we could share the truth.  On the other hand, I have heard other leaders saying that we should cut right to the chase.  Jesus did not waste time telling others to repent, and neither should we.  Which approach is the best? (more…)

The Gospel Message

The Gospel message forms the heart of Christianity.  Over the decades, we have lost this message in the political yelling, pandering and concern over offending someone.  Yet, as Christians, it really should be what people know us for.  We should talk about it first, last and always.  It is the Good News of God, and the only message the saves people from hell.  Here are some scriptures which plainly convey the Gospel message. (more…)