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Practice Your Faith In Private?


Recently, I had a twitter micro-discussion about how we, as a culture, treat homosexuals compared to Christians. I made comment that our culture today frowns upon Christians practicing their faith in public. They replied that this restriction should please Christians since Matthew 6:5 commands private worship. However, is this really the case? (more…)

Lack of Forgiveness

When I was young, and attended Bible classes, I learned the value of forgiveness.  I can still vividly recall the sensation when I realized that Jesus forgave my sins many years by His selfless death on the cross.  I could not count all of the times I sinned.  In God’s eyes, I deserved nothing less than separation from His Holy presence; I deserved to be cast into the Lake of Fire.  Justice must be blind.  Yet, love found a way. (more…)

My Concern for “Christians”

Many of my friends say “I am a Christian and I’m going to heaven.”  I ask, “How do you know?”  The answer is usually something along the lines that they said a prayer, somewhere, with sincerity, asking God into their heart.  The reality is that many Americans believe something similar, and yet we all recognize that very few people live the Christian life. (more…)

The Logic Against Abortion


In the early 70’s, the supreme court lifted many governmental restrictions on abortions. In that sweeping decision, they split much of the nation into two camps, pro-life and pro-choice.  Occasionally, my friends and I discuss the matter, and with recent news, the concerns about the right to life continue to come to the surface again and again. (more…)

Vs Continuous Atonement part 5


Recently, I read The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox.  According to Wikipedia, “Bradley Ray Wilcox is a professor of education at Brigham Young University, the author of several books, and a popular speaker in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”  This book rates very high, and came recommended by one of my LDS friends, so I had to give it a good read!

I continue my series of blog entries addressing numerous notes I took while reading it.  Today, we take a look at covenants, explored by Mr. Wilcox in Chapter 8 of this title. (more…)

An Opposing View vs. USAToday

Oliver Thomas wrote an article over at USAToday arguing why “American churches must reject literalism and admit we got it wrong on gay people”.  Now, I will argue why we must reject Mr. Thomas’ perspective as he gets quite a few things wrong.  I will not quote the entire article; you can read it via the link above.  However, I will quote numerous key lines and then respond to them. (more…)

A Tough Question for Christians

Salutations.  I listen to numerous debates, as well as interviews on the street, where people talk about various views on religion.  One interesting question comes up often.  Some even refer to it as the one question that stops Christians cold.  “So you’re saying that anyone who does not believe just like you is going to hell?” (more…)