The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

Current Projects

Current Projects

projectsHere’s what I’m working on.  Most of this can be found on this site, and links are provided where applicable.

Upcoming Projects

  • Stardust (I’ve started some background work on this blog)
  • A Journey’s End (Fantasy, Fiction)
  • Escape from Utalanx (An RPGMaker Project – 5 minute demo available, LOL)
  • Wildlight Re-write (My DeviantArt site has some early drawings, Writing link coming soon)

Completed Projects

Twitter | Facebook | DeviantArt |

Comments on: "Current Projects" (3)

  1. Russell Wearden said:

    Like I said awhile ago you have a nice website. Like the spiritual focus. I joined but did not join your clan in clash. (Jb) can’t leave older war mob with 1st account but looking to build second . Need more trophies to apply. Help!

    • I hear ya! Well, the best way is to hit me up on skype (I’m jcservant7 there) and message me. I can change the settings briefly to let you in. I’m super busy today and tomorrow, but Friday through Monday I should be in and out 🙂 So, let’s see if we can hook up!

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