The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

Current Projects

Current Projects

projectsHere’s what I’m working on.  As my job and college keep me very busy, I’m not actively working on much of this nowadays.

  • This blog…despite how busy I am, I do a decent job of posting at least one article each week.
  • RPGBacktrack (RPG Computer and Console game retro-game podcast)
  • Month of RPGs – In conjunction with the above, I have to play games…and this helps me choose.  Reviews of my game of the month show up here.

Upcoming Projects – On Hold

Completed Projects

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Comments on: "Current Projects" (3)

  1. Russell Wearden said:

    Like I said awhile ago you have a nice website. Like the spiritual focus. I joined but did not join your clan in clash. (Jb) can’t leave older war mob with 1st account but looking to build second . Need more trophies to apply. Help!

    • I hear ya! Well, the best way is to hit me up on skype (I’m jcservant7 there) and message me. I can change the settings briefly to let you in. I’m super busy today and tomorrow, but Friday through Monday I should be in and out 🙂 So, let’s see if we can hook up!

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