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Month Of #RPGs

#ARPGApril – American RPG – Game of the Month…


I know… how does Jade Empire qualify for #ARPGApril?  Easy!  It’s made by Bioware, a Canadian (North American) company!  Game ON!

“Month of” Rotation

My brother and I, inspired by the #JRPGJuly movement, came up with a full list of RPG types, by month, to help us tackle of backlogs.

  • #JRPGJanuary– Jammin RPGs – So many people (myself included) have not played some of the most critically acclaimed RPGs out there.  Find one of the highest rating RPGs you never got to and give it a spin!
  • horizon#FRPGFebruaryFavorite RPGs – We often refer to February as the month of of love, so continue an RPG you know you love, or start up a new one that you have a passing crush on.  This is the month to really share your passion for a series or particular game to the world.  Go back and play an old favorite the really moved you.
  • #MRPGMarch  – March Madness RPGs – Anything goes anywhere.  It’s March Madness, after all!  Side note, I have some friends who aruge this is Monster Hunter RPG Month!  Hey, it’s all good!!
  • #ARPGApril – American RPGs – This one is kind of an April Fool’s joke.  Almost.  We really mean “Western” RPG.  While the vast majority of them are made in North America, this includes RPGs made that has a strong, western culture influence.  Games such as Baldur’s Gate, Fallout 3 and Mass Effect come to mind.
  • #MRPGMay –  Mobile RPGs – Whether you enjoy Final Fantasy Legend on the Gameboy, Persona 4 Golden on the Vita or something in between, this is the month to explore epic adventures on the go!
  • #JRPGJune JRPGJuly – Japanese RPGs, i.e. any RPG created in Japan, or has  a p4gdistinct Japanese style.  This is such a huge part of the RPG culture that we gave it TWO months.  Well, that and we do have two J months back to back.  JRPGs also refer to console style RPGs.
  • #ARPGAugustAction RPG August –  Just about any RPG emphasizing real-time action, instead of turn-based or menu-based combat, works here.  From Diablo to Zelda, many of these games make great co-op experiences.
  • #SRPGSept – Strategy RPGs – From the original Gold Box D&D games in the 80’s right up to Disgaea D2 and Shin Megami Tensai: Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker (Yes, I went there), these games test your ability to from a team of heroes and tactically use their skills on the battlefield to survive.
  • #ORPGOctOlder RPGs – Try out an older RPG!  From the 80’s right up through last decade, find a game in your backlog that you’ve wanted to tackle and go for it!  For me, the criteria is 15+ years old.
  • #NRPGNov – Newer RPGs – The opposing brother to #ORPGOct, in November, try out a newer game from this decade.  The newer, the better!
  • personaq#DRPGDec – Dungeon Crawler RPGs – Grab your sword and map making skills!   Your party will dive into the deepest, darkest dungeons. This sub genre seemed to die down in the early 2000’s, but have recently researched thanks to excellent series such as Etrian Odyssey and Legend of Grimrock.

If you would like to join me in the “Month of” rotation, it’s easy!  Just use the appropriate hashtag as you post about your experiences.  If you blog, make sure to link to it on Twitter, as most of us hang there.  Have fun. Share your experiences.  And together, we might just save the world.  Again.  🙂

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