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Why 30,000 Denominations?


I recently had a friend express concern that Christians have so many different denominations. For other religions, this is a point that proves the falsehood of Christianity. After all, if Jesus created a church, should it not be just one church? Catholics and Later-Day Saints, in particular, point to this argument. Does denominational divisions truly prove that Christianity does not work?
If you look hard enough here into the archives of my blog, you will find that I have plenty to say against denominational division. I do believe that Paul taught against the very idea. So, the irony of me stepping up to defend it is not lost me. However, I will categorically state that the existence of such division does not disprove Christianity. Furthermore, many of these denominations teach the essential truths of Christian theology. As a result, I reconciled myself to disagreements within the body of Christ a long time ago. Basically, there are a two main category of differences, and scripture addresses them both. (more…)



Since the beginning, the body of Christ found reason to split and divide.  Even the words of Christ himself, which should have unified the people, lead to arguments, debates and divisions.  Today we have more denominations than we can count.  Yet, we can easily see, from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, that God’s plan did not include this.