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I decided to try something new, heading into 2018.

Those who know me know that while I have been a member of Christ’s Church for decades, I have not attended a church in some time.  The reasons are many, deep, and the subject of another long post or three down the road.  Suffice to say, I count myself as one of the ‘unchurched,’ which I define as those who do not attend traditional, institutional weekly gatherings.

churchTo clarify, I do believe that Christians should gather with other Christians.  Clearly, Christians did so back in Biblical times, setting a pattern we should follow today.  However, I tend to disagree with some who believe that the New Testament laid out exact rules on how those gatherings should look and operate.  I also do feel that the institutional and traditional trappings have replaced much of the authentic fellowship experience God intended to have for us.  I do agree with most brothers that if you have a Christian who never wishes to fellowship with other believers, you have a concern on your hands.

With that said, many believers have left the traditional, institutional ‘church’ for a myriad of reasons.  Unfortunately, many do not find other ways to partner up regularly with other believers.  They become isolated, and alone.  This brings up many, many concerns.  And, my heart goes out to those who feel disconnected.

Discord picSo, yesterday, I created a website/blog called Unchurched where authors and editors can share wisdom, encouragement and love for these sheep.  I set up a Discord server where we can chat via text and voice.  Feel free to drop by either one!  I would love to talk with you, even if you attend a traditional church.  🙂

For me, it means I will likely double some of my theological posts on both blogs, while keeping some posts to one or the other. If you want to catch all of my posts, make sure to follow both blogs, or just subscribe to my Twitter feed for the latest.  If I feel that Unchurched does not have much of an audience, I will pull the blog in a year, and consolidate all of my postings here.

Even if you do not join us on the blog, or in Discord, please keep these Christians in mind and in your prayers.