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Sharing the Gift That Matters

If you are like me, you have a family whom you love.  Yet many in that family do not love the Lord.  Sure, a few have some good beliefs or theology.  To some of my family, saving faith is nothing more than ‘voting for the right team,’ by choosing Christianity as your faith of choice.  However, as I have wrote about earlier in the year, the Bible paints a different picture.  To receive eternal salvation, one must be ‘born again.’  James 2 points out that even the devils know that Jesus is Lord, and tremble.  Mental assertions to the truth are not enough.  We must repent of our sins and follow Jesus. (more…)

More on Post Modernism


I apologize for the lack of blogs this week.  My employer sent me on a special project in another state, which consumed nearly every waking moment at my disposal.  Having returned back home, I now take time to catch up with some of the thoughts I started a week or so ago.  I have read numerous articles and have found these to provide the best insight. (more…)