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The Tale of Two “Christians”

Recently, I watched a television show discussing Bruce Jenner’s transformation.  It involved a number of people supporting the change.  This discussion included two well known men, self identifying as Christian teachers, who condemned or expressed concerns about it.

The first one shocked the listeners by making sweeping statements bordering on hate speech.  He stated that gay people should die, preferably sooner, rather than later.  He pointed out that, in the Old Testament, God laid down laws for the Israelites to condemn to death anyone who lies with another of the same gender.  He felt the government had a responsibility to lay down laws along those lines, to best follow God’s plan and design for man. (more…)

Why Does It Matter if Sexuality Is A Choice: Another View

Another blogger recently ‘liked’ something that I posted.  When that happens, I get an email from WordPress informing me of such, as well as an invite to check out his or her recent posts.  Following one, I came across a well-written blog entry by TK asking “Why does it matter if sexuality is a choice?”  TK’s sentiments echo those of many out there.  I wish to respond to it, offering, perhaps, another point of view.  Please be aware, this post clocks in nearly 50% longer than my typical approach, as I wanted to give these questions the attention they deserve. (more…)