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The Logic of Exclusivity


A few months ago, I wrote an article providing logical support for why a loving God sends people to Hell.  Ultimately, God does not want any to go to hell.  After all, He sent His Son to die on the cross to pay for our sins in order that we might spend eternity at His side, our sin pardoned.  However, when we shake our fists in the sky, say “I’ll do it my way, God,” we leave Him little choice.  To allow such selfish, destructive children into Heaven would quickly turn it into a version of Hell.

Another friend brought up this very subject, and upon thinking on it overnight, I found a logical inconsistency with how we evaluate God and our own relationships.  Now, my purpose in writing this is not to demonstrate another logical reason for judgment and Hell, though it might do just that.  Rather, I wish to display how we use a different standard in evaluating Christ’s approach to relationships versus our own. (more…)


A Loving God and Hell

A friend wrote the following question to me,

If God loves all his people, and Hell is a punishment, does he punish them for eternity, showing an unmerciful nature, which is in direct contrast of love, or is it like prison, where you do your penance, then you go home?  (Click below to read the rest, or listen to an MP3 reading of the article here)