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Jesus Is Holy

I keep hearing (and reading) people say “God/Jesus is love, therefore, if He were here today, He would love me how I am.” Generally, this statement is used to validate someone’s lifestyle or choices that usually contradicts what the Bible actually teaches as right and wrong. Yet, to call God/Jesus loving only paints a part of the picture. Its like saying that an elephant is like a water hose because you felt its trunk. Sure, you’re kinda right, but if you stop there, you’re really, really wrong because you missed the whole picture.


A Loving God and Hell

A friend wrote the following question to me,

If God loves all his people, and Hell is a punishment, does he punish them for eternity, showing an unmerciful nature, which is in direct contrast of love, or is it like prison, where you do your penance, then you go home?  (Click below to read the rest, or listen to an MP3 reading of the article here)