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RPG Trek: Random Ramblings


The fact that others follow my gaming activities never ceases to amaze me.  I feel honored and wish to personal thank you for taking the time to follow along and encourage me to write.  While I have done a few posts recently, I wanted to give an overall status update and news about a slight change in direction I plan to take here. (more…)

Tales of Phantasia – Final Impression

When I jump to a review after only one journal entry from gameplay, you know that I did not have a ton of fun.

From the beginning, Tales of Phantasia tries very hard to impress, giving one of the best first impressions  I have ever witnessed on the SNES.  From the opening soundtrack (with singing…on an SNES cart!) to the impressive graphics, to the unorthodox and exciting combat system, Tales of Phantasia will quickly pull you in.  However, it does not take long for cracks to appear.  For me, the game wore out its welcome rather quickly. (more…)

Tales of Phantasia Part 1

BoxartjpnWhile my brother and I take a break from our pursuit of completing the entire Dragon Quest series, we continue to press forward playing old RPGs and sharing those experiences with you!  Today your favorite Utahn Polygameist (that’s me!) dishes out another chapter of witty chattery!  And, this time, we fight the good fight with Tales of Phantasia!  Originally released on the SNES in Japan, and later on the GBA over here, this game features a completely different battle system completely different than our beloved turn based franchise, Dragon Quest.  But, does a faster battle system with more action necessarily make a better RPG?  Read on and judge for yourself as we take you every step of the way on RPGTrek! (more…)

RPG Trek: Random Ramblings

I announced earlier that my brother and I have moved to a new RPG series, the “Tales of” games, in order to take a break from the formulaic, traditional JRPG approach of the Dragon Quest series.  Normally, every weekend, I write an RPGTrek entry describing the progress of my characters from these games.  Unfortunately, I have not yet put enough time into the game to write a proper entry, as I had a ton of other activity going on this week.  So, I decided to write about some of those experiences here. (more…)