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A Quick Update

Salutations.  Through the last few months, a combination of increased workload from my profession, an increased dedication to working out three times each week and a number of family challenges has curtailed many of my gaming and creative pursuits.  However, for those interested (and myself), I have prepared an update of where some of these things are at right now.


Comics Update for Early 2015


It is with great pleasure that I communicate the immediate future plans of Cyberlight Comics and the webcomic, Wildlight.

For those not familiar, Cyberlight Comics hosts comics from artists all over the world including various genres.  From super hero stories to heart touching romances, Cyberlight Comics features something for everyone, each one glorifying God on the web.

Did somebody say HOG RIDER?

Did somebody say HOG RIDER?

Over the course of the next thirty days, I will rework some of the structure of the site.  During that time, a simple construction image illustrates the page.  I expect this to take no longer than 30 days (by Jan 25, 2015), however I may complete it sooner than that.  The new website will feature the one shot archives from before.  We also have at least four ongoing comic series including Flying Fox, Lost Legends, Lightning Prophetess and Wildlight.

While we have dozens of comics, we currently plan to repost them slowly over the course of the year.  This gives new readers a chance to catch up while giving highlight to some of these awesome stories.  However, new artists who wish to have their comics featured on the site should not hesitate to contact me.  We will also highlight new submissions meeting our guidelines.

On a related note, I continue to make progress towards a Wildlight reboot.  Over the last two years, I have focused on writing exercises, the element which I felt needed the most improvement in my older comics.  After much discussion and thought, I have decided to stick with the format of my earlier comics.  Of course, the best efforts usually have multiple people working on them.  My brother recently agreed to assist me with his computer 3D design skills, and I hope to have another one or two help, as well.

While I continue to work towards that end, my brother and I may create and release a short comic, as an exercise to get our juices flowing properly for a second run on Wildlight.

For more information on Cyberlight Comics or Wildlight, feel free to either email me or write a comment below.  Thank you!

A quick update about A Journey’s End


Unfortunately, I fell well short of my creative goals this year, as my job asked me to step up quite a bit.  I have a number of other priorities before drawing and writing, and many of the others won out.  Aside from my job, I have focused on working out, Bible studying, and writing practice.

Things slow down for me this month, so I took a little time to review some of the things I worked on this year.  Towards the beginning of the year, I started to write a short fiction story titled, “A Journey’s End.”  I wrote a few thousands words, but completely lost sight of it as other things jumped in my lap.  So, with the extra time I have, I plan to knock it out.

You can read the earlier chapters, and the intro by following this link.  Start at the bottom with “Introduction” and work your way up 🙂

A Quick Update


For those who have wondered what’s been going on, here’s a quick update on my various activities from games to exercise to theology.


My wife bought the book, “A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband “Master,” and told me that I need to read it.  I had no idea what to think about the book based on its rather long title clearly focusing on women.  However, I can tell you after reading two-thirds of it that this book is one of the best I have read this year.  From helping me better understand how to view women in God’s eyes to using cultural context to re-evaluating my role in God’s Plan here on earth, this book covers a lot of ground, but does so quite effectively and efficiently.

Perhaps, most exciting, the author, Rachel Evans, uses careful exegesis to explain key passages that, for centuries, have defined how we view women’s roles in the house and church… and just how wrong we have been.  Ironically, Shirley and I have never followed the traditional model that is preached from just about every major, evangelical church out there.  Yet, when asked about it, I lacked a great answer.  Some of the passages about women in the New Testament never quite lined up fully (in my opinion) with what Jesus taught, unless you stretched their meanings and intentions out quite a bit.  Yet, Rachel did her homework and shows the history behind the passage, and proposes a perspective that not only makes a lot more sense than what is traditionally taught, but lines up much better with what Jesus commands.  In a word, I found myself blown away, and recommend this book to both men and women alike.  Expect longer, deeper blog entries about some of the chapters from this book as my time permits.

On the exercise front, my weight has not changed much, though my waistline is down an inch or so.  I’m close to going down about 3 inches off my waist from the beginning of the year.  I increased my exercise duration and intensity, which seems to have boosted my metabolism to burn more calories.  Woot!  I still have pretty far to go, though.

On gaming, my wife and I have enjoyed Divinity: Original Sin.  While less than a quarter of a way through the game, we can wholeheartedly recommend this masterpiece to anyone who enjoyed games like Baldur’s Gate, later Ultima games, Neverwinter Nights 2, etc.  The game features a four character party, plenty of NPC interaction, turn based combat with positioning where elements/terrain matter greatly, deep crafting system, detailed graphics and music that immerses the gamer.  For better or worse, this drew my attention away from Dragon Warrior III on my RPGTrek.  But, fear not.  I have resumed my progress there, and plan to write another blog entry soon.

Last, but not least, I have to recommend “Star Trek Continues” to fans of the original series.  The latest episode actually continues one of my favorite episodes, “Mirror, Mirror.”  If you have Netflix, you can actually watch that old episode first, and then follow up with the sequel, made by fans.  Check it out, below!


Blog Update


I apologize for dropping off the map, more or less, this month.  Several things came together that really made it hard to get time away.  Unfortunately, I find it hard to write when I’m tired or distracted (and it does not take much to get me to that point, lately).  Like anyone else, I struggle with juggling a job and a myriad of personal challenges.  I refrain from going into much detail when I run into these challenges due to a variety of reasons, including privacy concerns.  However, the largest reason I do not dive to a tirade about my problems and pains is that I’m pretty sure it would bore everyone to tears.  After all, everyone has problems, eh? (more…)