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Review: Jade Empire

When some do retro-reviews, they attempt to view through the lends of that time.  Given that I played games as they came out in every decade since the 80’s, I certainly have the qualifications to give that perspective.  Ultimately, however, when I rate older games, the bottom line for me is “Did I have fun?  Do I want to play this game until the end?  Do I want to play it again?” (more…)

Five Reasons I’m Excited for Monster Hunter World


Generally, I really enjoy playing and discussing older and retro-style games.  In fact, I plan to write more than a few articles about them over this year.  However, as you may have read in my 2018 resolution’s list, one new game definitely has my full attention, Monster Hunter World.

The Monster Hunter series sells like hotcakes in Japan, with 40 million sold, worldwide, over the years.  Essentially, Monster Hunter is their version of Call of Duty, with a new iteration coming out nearly every year.  However, most western gamers, myself included, found it unapproachable in the past.  What makes Monster Hunter World worthy of my attention?  Let me give you five answers.


My Top Games of 2017

Everyone is doing top 10 gaming lists.  Why shouldn’t I?   However, I tend to be lazier than most when it comes to this kind of stuff, so here’s my top six games of 2017!  And, before you ask, Yes, I included older games on this list.  I’m mostly a retrogamer, after all.  Rest assured, I played these games this year, even if they come from the way back when.


Random Game Ramblings III


Random Ramblings III

I felt my first “Month of” after #JRPGJuly was a resounding success.  I have a lot of games in my backlog, and sometimes, I get stuck just choosing what to play next.  I enjoyed my two selections for #ARPGAugust, Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm.  The lack of participation from others on Twitter or any social channel damped my spirits just a bit, as only one friend jumped in.  However, I mostly do this kind of thing for myself, and if others wish to join, great!  It also gave me a number of talking points for RPGBacktrack!

steamLooking forward at #SRPGSeptember, I have Code Name: S.T.E.A.M and Disgaea D2 on my docket.  I started CN:S some time ago, but only go to chapter three before setting it aside for something newer.  I enjoyed the game, but got distracted by something else.  Sometimes, waiting to play a game pays off.  One of the biggest critiques levied against the game had to do with the slow speed of the enemy’s turn during combat.  With a recent patch, the game now allows players to fast forward past those sequences, addressing that concern head on.

I have enjoyed the Disgaea series from day one.  The blend of humor and tactical combat appeals to me.  I own all four on console, and recently added them to my Vita library (Disgaea in the palm of your hand…mind blowing!)  Aside from their hilarious stories, the games offer you various game systems and mechanics to ‘use and abuse’ as you see fit to make your demon overlord the most powerful, ever!  Disgaea D2 sat in my backlog for quite a bit, but with Disgaea 5 around the corner, I cannot put it off!

disgaeaPlanning ahead, I have chosen a GOG PC game for #ORPGOctober.  I do not want to spoil the surprise of which game I chose, but I did pick something completely out of left field.  I have never even heard of this 90’s title until a couple of months ago, but with a full five star review from a few dozen gamers, I figured #ORPGOctober would be a great place to give it a shot.  Once I finish with Code Name: S.T.E.A.M, I will go back to one of my Vita dungeon crawlers to get an early start on #DRPGDecember.

However, I would love your help with #NRPGNovember.  For those who do not recall, the Month of RPG list says to play a newer rpg for that month.  However, not familiar with newer offerings, I do not yet know what to plan for that month.  What do YOU think I should play?  Offer your thoughts and suggestions on Twitter or hit me up at jcservant at cyberlightcomics dot com!

Until next time, may your adventure bring you great excitement!


Tales of Phantasia – Final Impression

When I jump to a review after only one journal entry from gameplay, you know that I did not have a ton of fun.

From the beginning, Tales of Phantasia tries very hard to impress, giving one of the best first impressions  I have ever witnessed on the SNES.  From the opening soundtrack (with singing…on an SNES cart!) to the impressive graphics, to the unorthodox and exciting combat system, Tales of Phantasia will quickly pull you in.  However, it does not take long for cracks to appear.  For me, the game wore out its welcome rather quickly. (more…)