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Dragon Quest VI: Part 2

Two time the words, two times the fun?

Two time the words, two times the fun?

I apologize, but my gaming got sidetracked during the holidays.  My brother and I continue our RPGTrek with Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.  This game concludes the Zenethian trilogy in epic fashion. While you don’t get married, or have kids, you do meet a lot of new friends and search for your ture self.  And, in this game, you get adventure in not one, but two worlds!  Your next RPGTrek story is only a click away!


DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation– PART 2

You know, that can't be good.

You know, that can’t be good.

Eventually, we make our way to Alltrades Abbey, now existent in the dream world. There one of the people explain that each of us can train in various classes to learn new skills. With each group of enemies we defeat, we earn a credit towards leveling and mastering those classes. Unfortunately, while someone did explain that we would only receive credit for ‘challenging’ encounters, I had to find out, the hard way, that my earlier grinding to defeat a boss would prove detrimental to my ability to rise through classes for some time. Characters with lower levels, who joined me later, wound up with more class progression than my main hero and characters. I found that frustrating.

We make our way to the town of Scrimsley, where people move at their own pace, and make outsiders feel a wee unwelcome. Of course, that does not deter me. After all, since I can now access this town, there must be something I can find to help me in my journey. Talking with some of the townspeople reveals that they got somewhat of a vampire or werewolf problem. However, a little more investigation reveals something completely different…their town hero turns into a monster at night! Of course, one can only solve this type of challenge with a seed of reasons (Found at fine retailers and dark towers everywhere!). So, after we retrieve one and give it to him, Amos joins our team. Luckily, he can still turn into a powerful monster, which comes in handy.

Awesome flight scene.

Awesome flight scene.

Following directions, we make our way to the town of Aridea, again, in the land of dreams. There, everyone talks about a happy place, the Isle of Smiles. I quickly realize that nearly everyone in this town has a burning desire to go to this happy place from where no one returns. So, I join the next group of people heading out, on a floating island. Seems a wee ironic…taking an island to another island. Anyway, most people can see what will happen here, a mile away, because if something looks too good to be true… And, sure enough, half way there, people start falling into a deep sleep. The staff running this cruise ship…err…island, turn into monsters, and drag us to the Isle of Smiles. However, only the demons running the isle and sacrificing humans to their demonic gods, smile.

So, of course, we have to kick all their asses, as these demons bit off way more than they can chew when they took us on. Actually, I lie. I lost this battle numerous times, and had to grind a bit before I could overcome. Thankfully, everytime I wipe, I wake up in a church somewhere. Unfortunately, I have to go through minutes of scripting / acting to get from the mainland to the isle of smiles. I swear, some sections of this game tests my patience.

Resistance if futile...haha!

Resistance if futile…haha!

Next, we warp back to the real world and head over to Howsworth. There, we meet a king, queen and prince with an interesting concern. To prove himself, the prince must go to one of those monster filled caves (are there any other kinds?) and retrieve some seal or artifact. Now, I have done this numerous times through various DQ games, as the hero. However, this prince, a coward at heart, needs all of the help he can get.

We volunteer, and I regret it almost instantly. Every time I try to lead this teenager to the cave, he runs off. When I finally get him to join our party, he continues to run away, despite seeing just how effectively we dispatch the beasts. Even a video game RPG can remind me why I have little desire to raise children in real life! Of course, we eventually force his cooperation, overcome the evil found there, and return back to a very happy monarch couple. He gives us a magic key and we head out.

Easy Entertainment

Easy Entertainment

Following Madame Luca’s direction, we head over to Clearvale, a town easily accessible in both the real world and dream world. In the real world, we find out that a child died early, from illness. Another hero promised him a pendant of bravery or something of the sort, but never returned. Well, looks like a job for Super-Us! We head up the mountain where the trinket(s) resides, fight lots of monsters (that IS what we do, after all) and we retrieve the goods.

When we return, the parents sob with happiness, and offer us the son’s bed to sleep in for the evening. Now, do not ask me how an ENTIRE party of adults fit into a boy’s bed, but we do. We wake up in the dream world, in the bed, which flies! We head out the window and have a new, exciting mode of transportation.

With this new mode of transport, we head off…the world gets even bigger….

(More coming soon!)

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