The journey of a nerd who loves the Lord

About Me

sinSalutations.  Welcome to my humble abode on the net.

I’m an average, middle age, nerd type guy that likes to share his love for God with others.  Sometimes, I struggle doing so.  In today’s society, many find the idea of someone talking to them directly about God to be impolite, at best.  Yet, the Bible warns us that if we stay silent about God’s love and holiness, the very rocks will cry out.  In addressing this concern in my own life, I studied a number of teachers and pastors to learn not only how to best communicate my faith, but to do so politely and with love.  For Paul warns us that without love, having truth serves no purpose.  By the grace of God, I do that today.  I enjoy writing articles to encourage others to do the same.

I also enjoy sharing my nerd hobbies, as well.  From books to RPGs to video games and much more, I discuss my opinions and thoughts on such things right here, as I experience them.  Sometimes, I even dabble in some writing, drawing and coding myself… so you will see that pop up from time to time, as well.  Along those lines, some of that may be theological, such as my thoughts on the works of C.S. Lewis, while other things will not.  You just never know what I’ll do next!

I encourage others to write comments or ask questions about each of my entries.  God’s Word encourages us in multiple ways to seek Him, together, and to sharpen one another.

I pray that He help me to give my utmost for His Glory.  I pray that you will be drawn closer to Him though my efforts here.

By His Grace,

Phil aka JCServant


Comments on: "About Me" (9)

  1. Phil, you have a great website. I listen to the rpg gamer podcast, and your rpg trek. You are a multitalented guy. Your expressions of faith, comics, writings, podcasts, I enjoy it.

  2. The Daytime Renegade said:

    Discovered your blog through your playthrough of DQ VI on It so happens that I’ve been working my way through this game in fits and starts the past four or so months. I like your blog, and I think you and I have many interests in common. Look forward to reading more!

    • Hey Awesome!! Yeah…I’m workin’ my way through it now! Playing while I workout and watching WWE!!! ROFL!!

      • The Daytime Renegade said:

        Good for you! I’ve hit that inevitable part of every DQ game where you find the final boss, get your rear-end handed to you, and have to endlessly grind until you stand an iota of a chance. I’m going to avoid reading all of your playthrough until I finish it.

        Fun game, though! I like how it really becomes open-ended and non-linear before too long.

  3. Blessings to you. I am an artist and writer too and find your website very nice. I love video games too and I am a girl gamer.

    • Awesome!! I’m glad you are enjoying it. College has slowed my progress on this blog a bit, but I’m still chippin’ away! I hope to have another article up this weekend!

  4. Found this website from listening to you on the RPG Backtrack. Lots of good stuff in here keep up the good work and keep the faith.

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