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Practice Your Faith In Private?


Recently, I had a twitter micro-discussion about how we, as a culture, treat homosexuals compared to Christians. I made comment that our culture today frowns upon Christians practicing their faith in public. They replied that this restriction should please Christians since Matthew 6:5 commands private worship. However, is this really the case? (more…)

The Heart of Worship


As I sit in a plane heading to Miami, I put in my earphones and turn on a random song from my media library saved on my cell phone.  Immediately I hear a classic from Michael W. Smith, “The Heart of Worship.”

This song reminds me to worship Jesus.  It seems like something so basic that I should not have to be reminded of, especially given how often I speak about theology, the Bible, and various spiritual matters.

Many might presume that my passion stems from some need to feel validated by proving my points.  Others might suspect that I simply enjoy starting debates.  Instead, I seek to glorify God.

This statement may seem trite, but I assure you that it means much more than the few words it takes to express the sentiment.  Jesus gave His life for me, when I hurt Him and those around me over and over again.

He freed me from the sins that controlled my life, and gave me a new direction to follow.  I walked in the steps of chaos and destruction.  He straightened my path and showed me order and life eternal.  I lived for myself.  He showed me to live for Him and to serve those around me.  I brought Him the ashes of my life, and He traded them for His beauty.

As I get older, I realize just how short life is.  I become increasingly aware that the number of days I have left shrink every time I lay down to sleep.  Faced with this universal truth, most would say, “Drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!”  Yet, instead, I feel a greater call each day to give my life to Him.  I seek new ways to glorify Him for everything He is, and everything He does.

I spend so much time writing blog entries, scribing stories, sharing truth with my friends, and reading book after book about God and theology because I wish to glorify Him.  I want to see Him high and lifted up!  For He is Holy, Holy, Holy!

The Bible says that eventually every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord.  For some, it will be on the Day of Judgment, lamenting as they realize the truth they spent their whole life denying.  As for me and my house, however, we choose to serve the LORD.  We not only confess this truth today, but we seek His face in worship.

Shall we worship our LORD together?





Since the beginning, the body of Christ found reason to split and divide.  Even the words of Christ himself, which should have unified the people, lead to arguments, debates and divisions.  Today we have more denominations than we can count.  Yet, we can easily see, from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, that God’s plan did not include this.